Always Unexpected

Never a Dull Moment

Like many of the cherished things of the
‘New World’, Brio Chinotto came from the
‘Old Country’.

Think of Italy’s bounty- wine, cheese, olive oil, figs and lemons -and you begin to understand the value its people give to the fruits of the soil.

In the same fields where these things grow under the hot sun, is found the Citrus Myrtifolia, a myrtle leaved orange tree with a sour, bitter fruit.  From this tree is harvested the Chinotto extract which is the unique and inimitable flavor, or essence, of Brio Chinotto.

The essence of Brio is found in the meaning of the word itself and is reflected in the culture of Italy. Both speak to living with vigor and vivacity, to being spirited and alive and to exhibiting one’s life force. We see and feel this passion exhibited in Italian cars, fashion, football, cycling and food.  In their scores, the great classical composers would ask the musicians to play passages “allegro con brio” in order to instill life in the piece.

So it was natural that when three young entrepreneurs migrated to Canada and began a soft drink business in 1959,  with them came the spirit of their home country, and from the home country they brought  what they could that was a reflection of their unique heritage.

These gentlemen distributed Brio and other heritage flavours such as Gassossa, Moscatel and Aperitivo,  at first to the homes of other immigrants, and then, expanding their product lines to include favorite North American flavours, they distributed to retail and chain stores all over Ontario and then Canada.

And so we have Brio, a drink that is bold and lively and stands alone.

There is no other like it.